Explore Our Cadillac Car Maintenance Services


I have restored or repaired clocks in stock. Profesionally done by The ClockWorks, these clocks will add that last touch to your Cadillac. Why have a clock that is broken when you can enjoy a working clock. Restored clocks have a new chrome bezel with a new lens.  Repaired clocks are just as nice, with cleaned lenses and polished chrome bezels.  Call or email for pricing.   Coming soon; Quartz conversions.

Electrical Switches

I refurbish several types of electrical switches for the 63/64 Cadillacs. I refurbish headlight switches, ignition switches, door jamb interior light switches, and more. Refurbish fee is 75.00, plus return postage. If you have a switch that needs to be refurbished, contact me to set up a time.

Power Seat Motor Refurbish

I'I refurbish the four-way and six-way power seat assemblies. Power seat refurbishing fee is 50.00 Contact me to set up a time

Gas Tank Sending Unit Refurbish

Refurbished Original Fuel Gauges. 125.00 plus shipping. Refurbished by INSTRUMENT Services Inc, these have a 1 year warranty but I expect them to work another 50 years.


I have put power disk brakes on the front of my 63 sedan, and I recommend it for your car. There are several vendors to choose from.


If your headlights are dim, I can help. I have made a wire harness that adds relays to the headlight system. Power is routed to the headlights, directly from the battery. This eases the load on the main wire harness, giving you brighter headlights and dash lights. 70.00 plus shipping.